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Ragnar Relay Tennessee post

ragnar-logo-wonky "Hey Kyle, Rely Race... you in?" A few months ago, Jeremy, our CFO, asked if I'd be interested in a relay race with a group from the office. "Sure, sounds like fun" I said. However, Jeremy never said anything about a running relay race. Of course a relay race is a running relay race, but I was expecting a water balloon relay at a fall festival (or some such nonsense).

Then Jeremy posts a team message on Slack: ""

"Is it a running relay race?" I responded.

Yes, yes it is a running relay race. As a matter of fact it is a 198.7 mile running relay race from Chattanooga to Nashville. I've driven that stretch before, you know, in a motorized vehicle, and it is kind of a long way. Thankfully, I am not responsible for all 198.7 miles, but rather only 18 miles.

Runner #3
Leg 3 Leg 15 Leg 27 Total
5.10 miles | Moderate 6.80 miles | Hard 6.10 miles | Moderate 18 miles

Professional "Office Desk Chair Sitter"

Before I even have a fighting chance at being dragged across the finish line I need to make a lot of changes. Thankfully, my wife has accepted me as her summer project (aside from her personal half-marathon and Ragnar training).

Update: Maybe next year

Race day is quickly approaching, however, it seems that the team isn't going to make the race. I have mixed feelings, as this was going to be a huge undertaking, but it would have also been a great reward to finish. Maybe next year.