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Builder Not Required post

As I've been developing the Ninja Forms 3.0 API, Kevin Stover has been developing the Ninja Forms 3.0 Builder. This builder is sweet. We are so super excited (yes, so super excited; quote me on that) about this new form building experience. However, it has been a great development tease to see it in progress, knowing that I can't, yet, reach out and build forms with the beautiful new UI. None the less, my work has required form data and I needed a way to build a form without the builder. In the interim I've been building forms programmatically, which has some really cool possibilities.

Building Forms Programmatically

Having been immersed in the API for five weeks now, I've had a lot of time to think through ways to use the Ninja Forms 3.0 API and how to best handle different use cases. For my own development testing I've been building forms programmatically and using that data to build the Ninja Forms 3.0 engine.

While that doesn't seem like a real life use case at first, at least to me, I've come across some really cool possibilities for this method of form building.


Look at that! A new form, without the builder. Kinda cool. Not something that I've used before, but it has at least a few use cases.

Think of the Possibilities

Let's think of just a few possibilities of what we can do with programmatic forms...

Dynamic Forms, built on the Fly

What if we wanted a front end facing form for users to update their WordPress User Profile? What if that profile has custom meta? Do we need to keep updating the form manually? What if we could dynamically generate a single use form to update custom user meta?

Leveraging the Ninja Forms Engine

What if we could develop new plugins that leverage the Ninja Forms engine, but that site package forms that are protected from the user? Now plugins that need forms do not need to develop their own form system.

More to come

This is just a glimpse at what the Ninja Forms 3.0 API will be able to do. Yes, it still builds and processes forms, but forms are foundational to the web. Think of all that forms can do.