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The Kozo Generator for Ninja Forms 3.0 post

As we work through developing a new version of Ninja Forms, I've been thinking about the cool new features that I can incorporate into the Ninja Forms Kozo Add-On Generator. A majority of Ninja Forms extensibility is moving to the Form Action system, which is where Kozo is anyway. Having a preview of the direction for Ninja Forms 3.0, I was able to start moving Kozo in that direction from the beginning.

Currently, Ninja Forms Kozo does a few of things:

  • Generate a generic boilerplate add-on and settings menu
    • Example Action Registration
    • Example Field Registration
    • Example Payment Gateway Registration
  • Download a *.zip copy of the generated add-on (Install ready)
  • Install generated plugin (if setup locally)

Looking forward I'd like to incorporate a few new features:

  • Custom Field generation
  • Support for Multiple Actions or Fields
  • Git Repository generation (Github, BitBucket, etc)

My hope is that Kozo serves two purposes. I hope that Kozo allows developers to deploy client work faster and that aspiring Ninja Forms developers are not intimidated by learning a new codebase.

Code doesn't need to be complicated, rather we should work towards simplicity, stability, and maintainability. Whether you are a seasoned developer familiar with the Ninja Forms platform or you are new to web development as a trade, Ninja Forms should be a joy to work with.